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Natural Gas Pricing

When you’re choosing a marketer, the price of the natural gas and the length of your contract are considerations. Here are some tips about pricing that might help you make a decision.

Variable rate: The variable price of gas consists of several components, including the current price of natural gas and the cost of transporting it to Georgia. The variable price is subject to price fluctuations without prior notice.

Fixed rate: This price remains constant for a fixed period of time, usually 12 months. Some marketers offer a fixed price for as long as 24 months.

Discounted rate: Some marketers also offer discounts to senior citizens. Ask your marketer if you think you may qualify.

Fixed and variable rates are priced per therm. A therm is a unit of heat energy. In addition to charging customers for the therms of natural gas they use, most marketers include additional, separate charges:

  • Some marketers charge an exit fee for leaving a fixed-term contract before it expires.
  • Unless the customer notifies the marketer before the expiration date of a fixed-rate plan, the marketer may switch the customer to a variable rate.
  • Because terms and conditions vary by marketer, you should get all the details before you agree to any pricing plan. You should request verification of your choices and contract terms in writing.

No matter which marketer you select, you’ll see charges from our company, Atlanta Gas Light, on your bill. These charges are for the cost of delivering gas to your home, pipeline maintenance and meter reading. For more details on those charges, see our Guide to Our Charges page.

For more information, visit the Georgia Public Service Commission web site.

Guide to Our Charges

Better understand what makes up the Atlanta Gas Light portion of your marketer bill.

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Analyze Your Energy Use!

This calculator allows you to compare your carbon footprint with natural gas appliances vs. electric appliances.