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Frequently Asked Questions I-VPR Program

What is the Vintage Plastic Replacement Program?

Atlanta Gas Light’s Vintage Plastic Replacement Program (“Vintage Plastic”) is a system improvement to our natural gas distribution system. The Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) approved the program in August 2013, which will replace approximately 750 miles of vintage plastic pipe installed between 1965 and 1983 with the majority installed before 1974. Vintage Plastic program is scheduled to last through December 2017.   

Why does Atlanta Gas Light need to replace vintage plastic pipe?

Atlanta Gas Light is replacing the older plastic pipe as a preventive measure. The natural gas industry has identified certain resins in vintage plastic pipe as being susceptible to early breakdown depending on service conditions. Replacing the older pipe with newer, technologically advanced pipe will help ensure an even safer and more reliable natural gas pipeline system. 

Where will the replacement projects happen? 

The majority of the replacement projects under Vintage Plastic will be around the metro Atlanta area and surrounding counties in north Georgia. Smaller amounts of replacement work have also been identified in other areas of the state served by Atlanta Gas Light.

How will I find out about a Vintage Plastic project in my area? 

Atlanta Gas Light will send construction notification letters to residences and businesses directly affected by a planned replacement project. Those living and working in proximity to a project may also receive a letter if the work could affect their access.  Additionally, door-hangers will be distributed to those directly on a project path at least one week before work starts with the name of the contractor working in their area and the name and phone number of the Atlanta Gas Light project coordinator.  

Will my gas service be affected by a replacement project?

For customers directly impacted, the replacement work may also include transferring or even replacing their individual service line that connects their gas meter to the new main. As a safety precaution, the gas service will be turned off for a short period of time while our crews install or transfer the service line. Atlanta Gas Light will make arrangements with individual customers to restore their gas service after the line work is complete.

Can I restore my own service if I am not at my home/business when the gas service is temporarily turned off? 

Customers should NOT attempt to re-light any appliances that use natural gas. Once the gas service line has been replaced or transferred to the new gas main, an Atlanta Gas Light contractor or field service representative will schedule a time to enter the residence or business to re-light all working appliances that operate on natural gas. This step is coordinated with the occupant or property owner so that someone can be onsite. A door-hanger with a number for service representative will be left if no one is at the home or business when the service line is transferred. Efforts are made to restore service within a few hours of your call.

What if my yard or sidewalk is disturbed the installation of the gas main or service line? 

Yard restoration is carried out by the contractor as the project progresses, with a final clean-up at project completion. Any disturbed areas will be returned as closely as possible to their pre-construction condition.