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Exclamation Icon Leaks, Odor or Emergencies 877.427.4321
811 Icon Call Before You Dig
Dial 811

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Call 811 Before You Dig

Every day, your Georgia neighbors are picking up the phone to call 811 before they dig. They're doing their part to reduce the risk of harmful incidents, expensive accidents, and natural gas outages for themselves and your community.

The few minutes it takes to call 811 before you dig could end up saving you hours of work and lots of money. Breaking natural gas lines can result in steep fines and unexpected costs, interrupting your project and causing long delays while repairs take place. Any residential project that involves digging, no matter how big or how small, requires a call to 811. In fact, it's the law.

How 811 Works

Call 811 Before You Dig

It takes less than two minutes AND IT IS FREE. Call 811 at least three working days before you plan to dig. Provide your address, project type and approximate dig date. A dispatcher will determine whether or not you need to have your property checked for lines, and if so, schedule a marking window. Utility companies will be notified that your project site needs to be marked for safe digging.

Wait for marks before you dig

Within three working days, utility companies will arrive to spray or flag your yard, allowing you to avoid problem areas where lines are present. Markers will use a wand that detects line locations without any alteration to your property. You're not even required to be present while your project site is marked. If you end up getting busy and are unable to complete your digging before your marks fade, simply call 811 again and request a re-mark. This is a free service! 

Be safe when you dig

With your project site marked, you can confidently tackle your project without causing undue harm, unpleasant interruption or unwanted expense. Remember to remind your neighbors to call 811 before they dig, which will support a safe community and keep natural gas bills low for your entire neighborhood.

Prefer to schedule online over calling? 

Request a marking by setting up an 811 account and e-ticket.

You'll receive an email confirmation with helpful information on when your marking will take place, how to prepare and what to expect next.

Schedule your marking online>

Call 811 Before You Dig

For more information, visit Georgia 811.

When Your Assets Are Underneath, It’s Good to Have Friends Digging in Low Places

"As a group of natural gas utilities, Southern Company Gas is a responsible caretaker of our pipeline assets that weave an underground infrastructure supporting the individual communities where we live, work and play with our loved ones. Nothing drives this solemn duty home more than when we receive notice of a damage to one of these critical assets," said Emeka Igwilo, Vice President, Operations – Support at Southern Company Gas. "Even though our work is usually invisible to the average consumer, we pour our hearts and souls into installing, operating and maintaining our underground pipelines that literally comfort our communities and underpin the fabric of a modern society with warm homes, hot cooked meals and thriving businesses." 


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Spread The Word

Sunday, August 11, is National 811 Day. To spread the word, Atlanta Gas Light is “marking” the day by delivering 811 cupcakes to first responders and sending them thank you notes. Check out our photos on social media.