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Ready to Start, Move or Stop Natural Gas Service?

If your business has an existing natural gas meter and you need to start service, contact a natural gas marketer.

If you do not have a natural gas meter or if you are adding natural gas appliances, our Energy Connection Center will help you with the process. Get Started!

Rebates for Your Business

Taking control of your energy costs can mean serious savings for your business – especially if you’re using something other than natural gas to heat your business or fuel appliances. With our money-saving rebates, switching to clean, safe, reliable and efficient natural gas is even more affordable.


Builder Resources

Builders and developers are important to us. We want to make your job easier, more cost-effective and productive. 

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Why Use Natural Gas?


  • Natural gas provides comfort and reliability – at an affordable price.
  • No matter the season or weather, natural gas service is rarely interrupted by severe storms and inclement weather, owing to underground infrastructure. When the power goes out, you can count on natural gas to keep you warm.
  • Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel and produces low emissions. 
  • Natural gas for heating is an environmentally responsible way to get the comfort and reliability you need.