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Station Maintenance and Locations

Building and Maintaining CNG Stations

Atlanta Gas Light has grown its expertise in building and maintaining CNG fueling stations since we first began operating CNG vehicles in our fleet during the 1970s. We own and maintain many CNG refueling stations on customer premises for fleet vehicles in Georgia, and provide maintenance services to additional fleet customers who own their own stations.

How We Operate

  • We install, own and maintain CNG fueling equipment under our V-52 rate to meet the customer’s needs – Fast fill, time fill or a combination of the two.
  • Typically, the customer provides land and site development, and we provide the specialized CNG equipment.
  • The customer operates the station. (Public access is recommended but not required.)
  • The natural gas and delivery to the AGL meter is purchased through a marketer under the same rates and supply options as our regular commercial rate
  • AGL’s V-52 facilities charge of 1.5% per month recovers cost of CNG equipment and maintenance

Georgia and Metro Atlanta Public CNG Station Locations

View the map of Georgia's existing and proposed CNG fueling stations open to the public or use the U.S. Government Department of Energy's Alternative Fueling Station Locator to find the public station nearest you.


How to Refuel

Public fast-fill CNG stations are conveniently located throughout GeorgiaView a map to find the public station nearest you.

The process for refueling is almost identical to the process used at local gasoline stations. Most public CNG stations accept credit cards at the dispenser and the filling time is similar to using a gasoline pump.

Fueling equipment

Commercial CNG compression, storage and other related fueling equipment is available from many manufacturers. The compression equipment is often custom built to site specifications. However, several equipment manufacturers offer standard packages for small to medium size installations. 

Atlanta Gas Light is a distributor for Bauer CNG compressors and more information on the Bauer line of equipment can be found on the company’s website.