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The many benefits of natural gas make it an affordable, reliable and environmentally friendly energy choice for your home. If you don't have natural gas appliances but want to convert to save money and energy, take advantage of our money-saving rebates.


Using electricity or propane for heat or hot water? Chances are you're paying too much!
Earn hundreds of dollars in rebates by converting to a new natural gas furnace or water heater.

Gas Furnaces

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Space heating typically makes up one of the largest energy expenses for your home. Natural gas is the most affordable option, and natural gas furnaces offer dependable warmth with efficiencies of up to 98% -  giving you fast and enhanced comfort with heat that is 20 degrees warmer than drafty electric heat pump air. Converting to a natural gas furnace lowers your energy costs, saving you up to 65% on your energy bills compared to propane or electric heating systems. 

Atlanta Gas Light makes it easy and affordable to convert to natural gas heating. Receive up to $1,000 in rebates when you convert from an electric or propane heating system to a natural gas furnace.

Gas Water Heaters

Natural gas water heaters deliver hot water twice as fast as electric models. Natural gas water heaters are also more energy efficient and cost up to 68% less to operate compared to electric or propane options. Plus, with fewer parts to wear out, natural gas water heaters are generally considered more durable than electric models. 

Go Tankless!

Natural gas tankless water heaters are an energy efficient option that save money and free up space in your home. You'll no longer need a large tank of water that costs money to keep continuously heated. Receive up to $700 in rebates when you convert from an electric or propane water heater to a natural gas model.

Locate a qualified professional for installation or contact us at 1.800.599.3770.

Gas Ranges

There’s a reason professional chefs choose natural gas ranges. Food cooks faster, more evenly and with more precise temperatures than electric stoves. Plus, gas ranges won’t dry out your food like electric ranges can. They're energy efficient and more durable than electric models, saving you energy and money. 

No power? No problem! Natural gas runs  through pipelines underground directly to your home. That means service continues even when severe weather knocks out power. When bad weather hits, a gas overn and range will keep hot meals on the table for you and your family.

Locate a qualified professional for installation or contact us at 1.800.599.3770.

Gas Dryers

Happy family mother housewife and child daughter in laundry with washing machine

Did you know a natural gas dryer can dry two loads of clothes in the time it takes an electric dryer to do just one? This efficiency allows your dryer to keep pace with your washing machine. And, less tumbling is gentler on your clothes, produces less static,  and fewer wrinkles! 

Locate a qualified professional for installation or contact us at 1.800.599.3770.

Outdoor Gas Lights

Beautiful oldfashioned gas light in the historic downtown of Charleston, South Carolina.

Mounted on exterior walls, porch ceilings or on lampposts, authentic gas lights add charm and beauty to your home. Today’s gas lights are easy to use, conveniently controlled with switches inside or outside the house or with timers. Big bonus: gas lights don't attract bugs.

Locate a qualified professional for installation or contact us at 1.800.599.3770.

Gas Grills

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Tired of running out of propane? With a natural gas grill, there's no need to have and replace tanks at your local hardware store. Natural gas grills make cooking outdoors easy, convenient and faster, saving you money during grilling season. And, just as with gas ranges - you'll enjoy more precise temperature control compared to charcoal. Gas grills can be installed just about anywhere. You can permanently mount in-ground on the patio or deck, or choose a quick-connect option like installing the grill on a portable cart. 

Locate a qualified professional for installation or contact us at 1.800.599.3770.

Gas Fireplaces

A fire burns in a glass fireplace, radiates heat

Natural gas logs and fireplaces provide the warmth and charm of a glowing fire without firewood and ashes. There are several lasting benefits of a gas fireplace. 

  • Operates without electricity
  • Produces no odor or ashes
  • Provides energy-efficient space heating
  • Environmentally friendly

To put gas logs in an existing fireplace, you’ll need a gas line installed by a qualified natural gas contractor. Call our Natural Gas Advantage Line at 800.427.5463 (option 4) to find one near you or choose a qualified contractor using our locator tool, below.

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Pool Heaters

Enjoy the water a little longer! A natural gas pool allows you to extend the swimming season. Natural gas pool heaters are the most effective way to maintain ideal water temperatures with up to 97 percent energy-efficiency ratings and warm the water twice as fast as electric heaters.

A variety of natural gas pool heaters are available for any size pool or spa. Always have a qualified contractor do your installation. 

Locate a qualified professional for installation or contact us at 1.800.599.3770.

Patio Heating

When temperatures drop, continue enjoying the outdoors with a natural gas heater on your patio or deck. Natural gas patio heaters radiate heat downward to effectively warm a 12- to 20-foot area. They are most effective when temperatures fall between 40 and 60 degrees. 

Locate a qualified professional for installation or contact us at 1.800.599.3770.

Gas Space Heaters

Energy-efficient gas space heaters are growing in popularity — and for good reason. They operate during power outages and are a great solution for heating small rooms or wherever you need a bit more warmth.

There are two basic types of gas space heaters:

  • Vent-free models are up to 99% fuel-efficient and require no electricity. You can control them manually or with thermostats, and they can be mounted on walls or floors.
  • Vented models are thermostatically controlled and sit on the floor.

Locate a qualified professional for installation or contact us at 1.800.599.3770.


outside of a house at night

At Atlanta Gas Light, we like to say, “No power? No problem!” No matter the weather, natural gas ensures on-demand, dependable energy whenever it’s needed. It offers peace of mind year after year, and you never have to worry about having propane or gasoline on hand.

Within seconds of an electrical outage, your natural gas generator will automatically turn on to supply power. When the power returns, the generator turns off and returns to standby mode. You don’t have to do a thing — except relax.

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