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CNG Fueling

Compressed Natural Gas Fueling

CNG Fueling Stations

At CNG stations, the gas is typically taken from the local gas utility’s line at low pressure, compressed and dispensed into the vehicle's storage tanks at high pressure, typically to 3,600 psi. There are two basic types of fueling equipment: fast-fill and time-fill.

  • Fast-fill systems combine a compressor and a high-pressure storage system to fill the vehicle's fuel tank in about the same time it takes to fuel a regular vehicle.
  • Time-fill systems do not have a storage system and typically compress the gas directly into the vehicle storage cylinders to refuel vehicles while they are parked overnight.

Public CNG stations are currently limited but the number of locations is expanding rapidly. Public/private fleet operators may also choose to install their own CNG fueling stations.

View a map of Georgia existing and proposed CNG fueling stations open to the public or use the U.S. Government Department of Energy's Alternative Fueling Station Locator to find the public station nearest you.

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Station Maintenance and Locations

We own and maintain many CNG refueling stations on customer premises for fleet vehicles in Georgia, and provide maintenance services to additional fleet customers who own their own stations.

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