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Gas Booster Heaters

Gas Booster Heaters

Gas booster heaters are a high-efficiency, environmentally clean and cost-effective solution to providing the final rinse for sanitizing dishes for restaurants; hotels and motels; schools and universities; and hospitals and nursing homes. Gas booster heaters take hot water at temperatures of 120°F–140°F and "boost" it to 180°F.

The gas booster heater’s high-temperature rinse eliminates the need to use chemicals for sanitizing, minimizes drying time and lowers dish inventory requirements while increasing the dishwashing production rate. In addition, a gas booster can replace existing high-maintenance electric booster heaters that contribute to high demand charges.

Gas booster heaters are available from a number of manufacturers and come in an assortment of sizes. They generally range from 50,000 to 200,000 Btu, and are for use with both smaller, door-type dishwashers and larger conveyor systems.

Gas booster heaters can be installed near the dishwasher or at a remote location. Innovative new space saving designs can be installed underneath the dish table or mounted on the wall.

Heat transfer for gas booster heaters is 80 percent or greater, making them among the most efficient and cost-effective of all gas equipment. Most gas booster conversions have achieved a simple payback in two years or less.

Advantages of Natural Gas Booster Heaters 

1) Lower operating cost than electric booster heaters or low-temperature chemicals rinse. 

2) More environmentally-friendly and less corrosive to dishware than costly sanitizing chemicals. 

3) Produce spot-free and cleaner looking tableware

4) Saves time and increases production rates with dishes drying about twenty-five percent faster than for low-temperature rinse. 

5) Gas conversion can help to reduce electric demand charges and can achieve simple payback in two years or less.