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Diversity & Inclusion

At Atlanta Gas Light, we believe our diversity cultivates new perspectives and innovation and enhances our ability to deliver superior results for our customers, employees and shareholders. We promote inclusiveness – both in our workforce and our ways of thinking – so that all employees feel valued and respected for their contributions to the business.


Our core values guide us to make every decision, every day, in the right way. These values – Safety First, Unquestionable Trust, Superior Performance and Total Commitment – set the standard for who we are and how we interact with our employees, customers and the communities we serve. Our value of “Total Commitment” states: We are committed to the success of our employees, our customers, our shareholders and our communities. We fully embrace, respect and value our differences and diversity. 

We strive to provide an environment where our employees are enriched by being here and are able to do and be their very best. We do this by creating an inclusive culture with a workforce that reflects the diversity of the communities we serve. This commitment to diversity and inclusion is integral to our culture and to how we approach each person every day. 


We define diversity not just as race or gender but also as the differences, for example, in the backgrounds, experiences, perspectives and ideas of our employees. We believe diversity is an asset that brings value to our organization. Viewing diversity as an asset means that each individual is valuable because of who they are and what they bring to our business. Life experiences and personal perspectives enable us to respond and think differently, approach challenges and solve problems differently, make suggestions and decisions differently, and see different opportunities and risks. The more assets an organization possesses, the greater its ability to innovate, grow and compete.



We define inclusion as a work environment without barriers in which all employees feel welcomed, valued, respected and engaged. It’s how we relate to each other in a way that recognizes, respects and values each individual. Inclusion leverages the power of diversity to achieve our business strategies and goals. By providing an inclusive work environment the company will utilize the diversity of the workforce to drive results, performance, engagement and innovation.