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Fraud Protection

Stop scammers by knowing their game

Your Personal Safety and Financial Security are Important!

By phone, online and in-person, scammers are getting creative. It’s up to all of us to be vigilant to keep our personal and financial information safe.

Atlanta Gas Light and the entire Southern Company Gas family of companies are joining energy companies across the United States and Canada to expose the red flags of a scam and how customers can protect themselves.

In recent years, scammers have expanded their schemes into digital spaces, such as email and social media. Atlanta Gas Light strongly encourages customers to be skeptical if anyone:

  • Threatens to cut off their natural gas service if payment is not made within a short timeframe
  • Requests that payments be made from a single method, such as a debit card, pre-paid card, or checking account
  • Claims they have overpaid and their banking account or credit card number is needed for a refund
  • Informs them of a need to vacate their home so that a meter or other natural gas equipment can be replaced
  • Suggests on social media that their bill will be covered by a charity after they make a partial payment by way of a wire transfer

Atlanta Gas Light holds itself accountable to the customers and communities it serves, which is why it reminds Georgia marketer customers that it will never contact them regarding their natural gas bill. While Atlanta Gas Light maintains the pipeline infrastructure, responds to emergencies and reads meters every month, it does not bill customers directly. Only natural gas certified marketers in Georgia sell natural gas to customers and bill these customers for natural gas usage.

Customers who suspect or experience fraud should contact local authorities, and then call the customer care center phone number listed on their billing statement.

In addition, whenever a field service representative or one of our contractors visits a customer’s home or business, they will provide Atlanta Gas Light identification. As an additional safety measure to protect our customers, anyone who signs up to receive our Keep Me Informed appointment status text messages can access a photo of the technician assigned to perform work at their property.

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