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Man reading a meter
Man reading a meter

Reading Your Meter

Meter Reading

In support of our commitment to quality customer service, Atlanta Gas Light is in the process of installing automated meter reading (AMR) devices on our 1.6 million customers’ natural gas meters. This project will be completed over the next few years.

Automated meter reading is convenient and reliable. To read your natural gas meter, we will no longer need to go into your yard unless maintenance is required. It reduces the need for estimated bills – you are charged for the exact amount of natural gas your home or business consumes. There is no direct charge for installation and does not require the interruption of service. AMR cuts down on the number of vehicles on the road, reducing our company’s carbon footprint.

The AMR technology will allow Atlanta Gas Light to read meters remotely; however, we may need access to your property occasionally for maintenance.  

Most customers will not have to be home when an Atlanta Gas Light employee or contractor comes to install the AMR device. If your natural gas meter is not easily accessible, we will contact you or leave a door hanger at your residence with a number to call at your convenience to make an appointment for installation.

How Does Automated Meter Reading Work?

A small, battery-powered radio transmitter is installed on the natural gas meter. Once the transmitter is installed, we will be able to read your meter remotely from a special handheld or vehicle device.

A meter reader will walk by your home or a vehicle will drive by with a device that receives a signal from the transmitter with the meter reading data. Once the data is collected, it will be processed through your marketer’s billing system.

If you have questions or concerns about meter reading, contact us 800.427.5463.

Don’t Hesitate: Ask to see a Company Photo ID

If a meter reader approaches your property, don't hesitate to ask to see their company photo ID. If you're in doubt about the identity of someone coming to your home, call us at 800.427.5463. If you feel threatened, call 911.

How to Read Your Meter

  1. Read the numbers for each dial going from right to left.
  2. Always read the numbers in the direction the arrow on the dial is pointing.
  3. If the pointer is between two numbers, always select the smaller number, unless the pointer is between 0 and 9, then select 9.
  4. If a pointer is directly on a number, look at the dial to its immediate right. If its pointer has not passed zero, record the lower number.

The reading for this example is 2984.


Meter Maintenance

As mandated by federal and state regulations and as an important part of our safety and maintenance programs, Atlanta Gas Light periodically conducts a physical survey of our natural gas mains, service lines and meter sets. Sometimes this includes the interior gas piping in your home or business up to the meter.  

If you recently received a doorhanger at your premises, we were attempting to gain access to our meter set to perform a maintenance check. A representative from our contractor checked a portion of our service line on your property and was unable to gain access to your house, building or fenced area to complete the survey. 

By leaving a doorhanger at your premises, we are not indicating that there is an issue at your premises. However, we do need to gain access to the natural gas meter to complete our maintenance check. Failing to provide access may cause your service to be interrupted.

If it is not convenient for us to return on the Saturday indicated on the postcard or doorhanger, please call our contractors listed below to schedule this maintenance check.

Advanced Gas Detection - 855.243.4999.
Dan Fitzgerald & Associates - 800.618.5717
Heath Consultants - 888.899.9049
Utility Resources Group. - 833.450.0999

If we do not hear from you within thirty days of the final attempt indicated on the doorhanger, your natural gas service will be subject to interruption.

**If there is inclement weather on the day we have scheduled to come to your premises, we will reschedule for another day.

Tips to Help Complete the Maintenance Check:

  • Locked Gate/Fence/Meter Under House – Please leave the gate/fence unlocked for the indicated Saturday visit. 
  • Dog – Please have your dog moved away from the meter set and ensure the dog is unable to approach the technician. 
  • Excess Vegetation or Trash/Debris – Please remove the hindrance prior to the Saturday attempt or scheduled appointment. 
  • Construction – Please provide a clear path to the meter. 
  • Meter Inside –  Please be available at the premise either the Saturday attempt or scheduled appointment. 
  • If you rent and do not have access, please contact the owner of the building and have them call Utility Resources Group at 833.450.0999.