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Business Fleet

Business Fleets

Incentives and Grants

When considering commercial NGVs, Atlanta Gas Light can assist you in determining your eligibility for tax credits, grants, incentives or other funding opportunities to help offset the purchase price of new NGVs. Click the links below for more information. 

Fleet Types

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) saves up to 50% over conventional fuels, and CNG vehicles are available for all types of applications. Fleet owners are switching to compressed natural gas now more than ever. Among the fleets in which NGVs are gaining momentum are:

Buses/Mass Transit – Fixed-Route, Para-Transit, School Buses and other transit agencies across the country are increasingly switching to NGVs.

Solid Waste Vehicles – Refuse and recycling collection, commercial container and roll-offs, and transfer vehicles are high volume, return-to-base vehicles that can take advantage of cost savings offered by NGVs.

Taxis, Vans and Shuttles – Airport and hotel shuttles, taxi services, and other door-to-door fleets can save money and pass those savings along to their customers when they switch to a CNG fleet.

National Trucking Fleets – Interstate/Intrastate Trucking, Short-Haul Delivery, Food & Beverage, Floral and other fleets are appropriate applications.

Service-Provider Fleets – Utilities and other major, service-based U.S.-based companies recently have invested heavily in natural gas fleet vehicles.

Available Vehicles

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Examples of CNG Fleets

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