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Integrated Capacity Development Plan (i-CDP)

By making ongoing investments in Georgia’s natural gas infrastructure, Atlanta Gas Light is able to continually provide our approximately 1.7 million customers with the clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy that fuels their daily lives.

Through the Integrated Capacity Development Plan filed with the Georgia Public Service Commission every three years, we provide insights into long-range plans for maintaining a resilient, reliable system that meets our communities’ evolving needs.

The first-ever i-CDP was filed with the PSC in April of 2021 and approved in November of that same year. It outlines prudent, necessary investments Atlanta Gas Light proposes making over the course of 10 years to meet increased demand and deliver superior customer service while continuing to serve the state safely and reliably.

As a result of the PSC’s decision, typical residential customers can anticipate a monthly bill increase of $2.11 (less than 3% of the total bill). That figure includes a system reinforcement rider monthly surcharge of $0.32, which reflects the increases associated with the i-CDP revenue requirement. These bill changes take effect Jan. 1, 2022.

Along with the PSC’s approval of the first three years of capital investment in the i-CDP, it also approved the mechanism that determines Atlanta Gas Light’s 2022-2024 total annual System Reinforcement Rider (SRR) and Georgia Rate Adjustment Mechanism (GRAM) revenue requirement. A typical residential customer will experience an annual increase, including the surcharge, that averages 5.5% - 6% of their total base bill for each of the next three years.

Download the 2021 i-CDP & Addendums