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Our program has its benefits, and we provide valuable services to our Natural Gas Preferred Partners. From exclusive training on business and technical topics to marketing, networking and business growth opportunities. We truly make you stand out. 

Natural Gas Preferred Partner Benefits

As a Natural Gas Preferred Partner, you gain access to the following benefits: 

Exclusive Access

Exclusive Access

  • Qualified business leads
  • Inclusion in our contractor directory
  • Referrals to your company made directly by Atlanta Gas Light call center representatives
Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials

  • Marketing assistance for natural gas promotions
  • Natural Gas Preferred Partner badges for your vehicles and storefront
  • Build on your reputation as a reliable preferred natural gas appliance installer
  • Quarterly newsletter subscription
Offers & Incentives

Offers & Incentives

  • Special rebate promotion incentives
  • Special financing opportunities for your customers for new gas appliances
  • Promotional and rebate materials for dealer sales presentations and training


  • Complimentary on-site, off-site and virtual education and training programs for you and your employees
  • Exclusive installation program access
  • Programs designed to help expand your customer base
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Benefits of Natural Gas

  • Nearly 70% of consumers prefer natural gas for home heating, water heating, and cooking. 
  • Consumers like natural gas for its versatility. In addition to heating and cooking, it's ideal for clothes drying, fireplaces, barbecue grills, generators, lighting, swimming pool heaters and more!
  • Natural gas is three times more efficient for homes and communities than grid-delivered electricity.
  • Natural gas heating appliances increase resale value of properties.
  • Once connected to natural gas, it's easy to convert appliances or add additional gas appliances.


  • Emissions from a natural gas home are 66% less than a home using electricity.

  • Natural gas is much safer and easier to store compared to other fossil fuels.

  • Recommending natural gas results in an increased appeal to customers for demonstrating environmental value.

  • In a full-fuel-cycle analysis that looks at production, conversion, transmission, and distribution, natural gas retains its superiority. Compared to electricity, oil, and propane in residential applications, natural gas results in significant reductions in energy consumption, consumer energy bills, and air pollutant emissions. 

Natural Gas Appliances

  • Clean burning natural gas heating equipment means less maintenance and repairs over the years.
  • Compared to those who use electricity, consumers using natural gas save an average of $879 on energy bills annually (please refer to for all stats/numbers).
  • Natural gas appliances include ranges, furnaces, dryers, water heaters, backup generators, boilers, fireplaces, fire pits, grills, outdoor lights, patio heaters/heating, and pool/tub heaters. 

Tankless Water Heater Sweepstakes

Atlanta Gas Light is giving away 500 FREE Rinnai natural gas tankless water heaters to drawing winners! Atlanta Gas Light will even cover the cost of installation for a total prize value of up to $3,500!

To enter, click this link to learn more and submit an entry or send an email to

Please include your first and last name, address, telephone number and email address in your entry.