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Builder Resources

Service Forms

Builder New Service Lines
Apply directly to our construction operations group using our Builders New Service Line Form.

Meter Activation/Deactivation
Notify us that you  need your meter activated or deactivated by completing our Meter Activation/Deactivation Form.

Developer Plat Submission
Upload your developer plat submission directly using our Developer Plat Submission Form.

Residential Project Data Request
Fill out our Residential Project Data Request Form, email our Energy Connection Center, or call 800.599.3770.

For questions about the Atlanta Gas Light Line Extension Policy or to verify service or main installation, email our Energy Connection Center  or call 800.599.3770.

Business Resources

The Home Builders Association of Georgia and your local home builders association are excellent resources for information on laws and regulations that can affect your business as well as other benefits.

  • The Home Builders Association of Georgia is part of an alliance of trade organizations that share a common mission: To serve the housing industry and provide expanding opportunities for all consumers to have safe, decent and affordable housing. Builders and contractors automatically become members of Home Builders Association of Georgia and the National Association of Home Builders when they join a local association. Learn more >
  • The Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association is a not-for-profit professional trade association dedicated to promoting, protecting and preserving the homebuilding industry as a viable economic force in the Atlanta area. Learn more >

Commercial Buildings

Today’s emphasis on “green” buildings has not only generated awareness about their construction practices but also about their mechanical equipment. From office buildings to plants to hospitals and nursing homes, schools, malls and hotels, businesses and institutions are increasingly turning to natural gas equipment to save money and increase their energy efficiency. Natural gas equipment is integral component of green energy certification.

Learn more about latest energy technology for commercial buildings in Energy Solutions for Commercial Buildingsa magazine produced by the Energy Solutions Center.

Useful Links

Check out these links for more information about operating your business more efficiently – and the role that natural gas can play for you.

Reciprocating Engines and Microturbines