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Apartments and Condos

Apartments & Condos

Looking for a new apartment or condo? Make sure it features natural gas for a convenient and comfortable lifestyle.

Today, natural gas is the preferred choice for meeting your energy needs, whether you are renting or buying. If your wish list includes cooking on a gas range, a natural gas fireplace or enjoying the comforts of reliable heat and hot water, make sure you choose a property that features natural gas.
Let our interactive map below help you find your apartment or condo.

Popular Natural Gas Appliances

Water Heater - Gas water heaters deliver up to twice the hot water in the same amount of time as an electric water heater.

Fireplace Logs - Indoor/outdoor gas fireplaces provide low-maintenance ambiance and comfort.

Heating - Today's natural gas furnaces feature technology that boosts efficiency to save money and improve comfort. Gas furnaces typically last twice as long as electric heat pumps.

Grills - Gas grills offer year-round convenience.

Cooking - Patterned after professional models, today's gas ranges offer even cooking, high-output burners and super-low simmer settings.

Clothes Dryer - A natural gas dryer is more efficient. It can dry two loads of towels in the same time it takes an electric dryer to handle one load.