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Work in Your Neighborhood

Atlanta Gas Light’s investment in natural gas infrastructure helps support the continued economic development of communities in north metro Atlanta. In addition to bringing efficient and affordable natural gas to underserved areas, our infrastructure projects also help create jobs. More importantly, we’re ensuring families and business owners in our community have ready access to America’s most abundant, environmentally friendly fuel … today and tomorrow. During all of our construction projects, safety is our priority. Great care is taken to minimize inconvenience to property owners in the project areas. 

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Pipeline Centerline Survey Project

The Pipeline Centerline Survey Project begins June 7 and continues through the end of 2018. The project involves non-invasive survey work in which our personnel and contractor will be taking measurements along our transmission lines and rights of way. Our contractor, Integrity Field Services (ISFS), will perform work throughout our territory (see map) on behalf of Atlanta Gas Light. Each employee will carry an ISFS-branded badge that will easily identify them.

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Georgia STRIDE

Enhancing and expanding our natural gas pipeline infrastructure is essential to maintaining that commitment while meeting the growing demand for energy in our state. During the past two decades, Atlanta's metropolitan area has experienced rapid growth. Much of that development has taken place in North Atlanta, and we realized that we needed to upgrade and expand our transmission pipeline system to serve these thriving communities. In October 2009, the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) approved our Georgia STRIDE (Strategic Infrastructure Development and Enhancement) initiative to upgrade and expand our pipeline system, thereby improving our ability to serve our customers with natural gas on peak demand days. The second phase of the STRIDE program was approved by the PSC in December 2013. 

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Vintage Plastic Replacement Program

Atlanta Gas Light launched its integrated Vintage Plastic Replacement Program (also called “Vintage Plastic”) in August 2013 after receiving approval from the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) to replace approximately 750 miles of plastic pipe installed between 1965 and 1983 with the majority installed before 1974. Replacing the older pipe with newer, technologically advanced plastic pipe with a longer useful life will help ensure an even safer and more reliable natural gas pipeline system. Atlanta Gas Light was one of the first gas utilities in the nation to begin a comprehensive pipeline replacement program. Our 15-year Pipeline Replacement Program (PRP) completed in 2013 replaced more than 2,700 miles of bare steel pipe across the state and became a model replacement program for utilities across the country. 

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Other Projects

As more families and businesses choose Georgia as the place to call home, Atlanta Gas Light continues its efforts to meet that greater need through system improvements, especially in the northern part of the state. With new interstate supply points becoming available closer to growing regions, we plan to upgrade our system serving areas farther removed from our current natural gas supply points.

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